What is Land of Aloha

What is Land of Aloha

Land of Aloha’s goal is to embrace a variety of high conscious activities and project to achieve “World Peace”. “Pu’uhonua O Waimanalo” village is a 50 acre parcel of land nestled on the ridge of the Koolau Mountain.

Japan and Hawaii organizations have teamed up for Aoholo’okoa project

On December 7th 2011, ceremony was held showing the appreciation to the Gods of the Sea and the Mountain to ask its protection for the “The Land of Aloha” at Pu’uhonua o Waimanalo Village, a “Historical Sanctuary”.

“ALOHA” as a common consciousness and a common denominator, people from all walks of life is now gathering to help and be helped to achieve a lifestyle which improve and appreciate their own being and the land and environment as a whole unit, which is Aoholo’oko’a.

This “ Land of Aloha Project ” is about sharing this phenomenon with the world and to spread “ALOHA” which means Love.

The goal is to be fully sustainable in a variety of areas which includes, culture, economy, industry, education, health care, energy, waste issues, etc..

“Aoholo‘oko’a ”which has begun as an ascension project have raised curiousity of many celebrities, company officials who have visited and ultimately became the “Ambassador of Land of Aloha” and have continued on the project in their home land.

It is progressing so the people all over the world can join in. By communicating and sharing this message you also can join in the spreading of ALOHA.



Aoholo‘oko’a is a joint project between the Land of Aloha and every person and entities in the world to stop the abuse of every kind and be mindful and conscious of LOVE. This project manifested from Jujube Clinic of Hawaii and the goal is WORLD PEACE.

“身土不二:Shindo- Fuji”is a Japanese word which means the environment and people are one as a whole and cannot be separated. The sound vibration Aoholo’oko’a will be used as it’s traslation .

Example 1. People benefit from living in natural environment.

Example 2. If the nature is neglected, it will affect the people’s health negatively.

Aoholo’oko’a is a Hawaiian words expressing the “Whole”,“ Yin and Yang” “ self and the environment”, “ universe”. It is a life of gratitude and appreciation.

Land of Aloha Ambassador

Aoholo’oko’a project will produce integrated medicine, ecological cultural and organic agriculture needed to have a healthy life today.

Aoholo’oko’a mission is to be the ambassador to the world’s people so they may live as one heart in peace and harmony.

Ambassadors from the different countries will return home from Land of Aloha and bring their awareness of peace and Aloha to their land.

History of Land of Aloha

The land of aloha is an Independent Sovereign Native Hawaiian Land for the Hawaiian people. P’uhonua Bumpy Kanahele is the leader. This forested land with abundant water, fruit trees and natural resources is over 50 acre in size.

On Nov, 23, 1993 United States President Bill Clinton signed an official apology for the unlawful overthrow of the Hawaiian government.

The Land of Aloha remained closed to public as it is a sanctuary to native Hawaiian people.However, on December 7th, 2011, it has opened its doors for the betterment of the education of the next Hawaiian generation, and for the environmental peace project conducted together with high conscious people around the world. This is the world peace movement of The Land of Aloha.